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Artificial Memory Trace - Amfibion / Kraufrog (CDr)

01.10.2019 Kijin Classic Rock

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  1. ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE - AMFIBION EPILOK/KRAUFROG (3"CDR by Tentacles Of Perception Recordings) * DEADBURGER FACTORY - LA FISICA DELLE NUVOLE (3CD by Goodfellas Records) Sometimes there just are a lots and lots of questions.
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    Interception V by ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE, released 17 August 1. Interception V former also available as CD-R (ilempeavicotsubomusscholmsinrappboss.xyzinfofo 50 copies) / SOLD OUT! artwork by Slavek Kwi design by EMERGE ilempeavicotsubomusscholmsinrappboss.xyzinfofo Artificial Memory Trace: Interception V. .
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