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Open Your Mind - Cat Rapes Dog - The Banzai Beats (CD)

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  1. The album clocks in at a "fits on vinyl" 35 minutes, but in this short space Cat Rapes Dog will tell you to go out and vote, give you a lesson in religion, and baffle you with a sense of humour all their own. Manic electronic synth lines meet over-the-top male and female vocals on nine tracks of pure DIY weird.
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  3. Put your hands together for Lori Frampton-Crafton and Candy Rap (Rap Cat x TR Dual Gal), owned by Debbie Crafton of Ordway, Colorado! The pair won the NRCHA Tres Osos Cow Horse Derby Non-Pro Limited today in Fort Worth with a ( herd/ rein/ cow).
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  5. Nyan Cat: The Game *UPDATED!*» Remixes. dog game!!!! by Dudewithaguitar77 Nyan Cat The Game 2 by majormax; Troll Cat The Game by PressXToVeto; poptart cat the game by smo; Nyan Ninja by hihihicool; Nyan Cat The MATH Game -- Integers by LolCat72; MY LITTLE PONY:THE GAME by flemzy; Nyan Cat upgraded by billbob1; Nyan Cat The Game UPDATED! by earthninja Nyan Cat The .
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  7. Related Information for Cat Rapes Dog Joel Rydström and Magnus Fransson started out in the mid 80s with some demo releases. Made their debut with the EP "Columna Vertebralis" in and became the first hard Swedish electronic ilempeavicotsubomusscholmsinrappboss.xyzinfoe Bertilsson joined the band for their 12" "Fundamental" in and soon became a regular member of the group.
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