On The Chin

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  1. Define chin. chin synonyms, chin pronunciation, chin translation, English dictionary definition of chin. See Jin. n. The central forward portion of the lower jaw. v. chinned, chin·ning, chins v. tr. 1. To pull up with the arms while grasping an overhead.
  2. This dish was once a private enhancement for General Tso who was well known in Chin Dynasty. $ CS3. Glazed Walnut Mango Prawn Fresh mango, snow peas, carrot, glazed walnut. $ CS4. Dragon & Phoenix This plate is divided by lobster meat sauteed assorted vegetable in white sauce and lightly battered chicken sauteed in sweet spicy sauce.
  3. Chin Chin Melbourne is located in the heart of the CBD at Flinders Lane. A quintessentially Australian restaurant that focuses on South East Asian food.
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    New York-New York Hotel & Casino™ Las Vegas Blvd S., Las Vegas, NV
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    chin meaning: 1. the part of a person's face below their mouth: 2. the part of a person's face below their. Learn more.
  6. be up to (one's) chin in (something) To have too much of something; to be overwhelmed by something. I'm still unpacking, so I'm up to my chin in boxes. If any of my guys get hurt at the construction site, I'll be up to my chin in paperwork. See also: chin, up chin music slang Talk or chatter. Can you guys please be quiet? Your chin music is distracting.
  7. May 15,  · A double chin, also known as submental fat, is a common condition that occurs when a layer of fat forms below your chin. A double chin is often associated with .
  8. Chin Chin is open 7 days for lunch and dinner from 11am, accommodating a maximum of 20 guests at any one time. Please see below for more details. To comply with government restrictions, bookings greater than 10 guests will be seated across multiple tables. Bookings made may be seated in Chin Chin, Chin Chin Events or GoGo Bar.
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